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    Starting a Michigan Business Series: License and Permits

    As you prepare to launch your Michigan business, be sure you’ve done your due diligence.  While it’s still pretty simple to start a business in Michigan there are a few guidelines you need to follow.

    One step of particular importance is determining if your business requires any type of license or permit to do business in the state of Michigan.

    Not having a license in place can be serious problem, especially if you’ve already been doing business for some time.  Not doing your homework early on, can lead to massive headaches down the road and possibly a fine or closure of your business.



    You’ll need a license if you fall in the following categories:

    • Construction
    • Financial
    • Insurance
    • Occupational (see full list below)
    • Real Estate
    • Utilities
    • Transportation
    • Retail Fuel

    Most of what you need to do can be handled online at this State of Michigan website.  Another option is Michigan Business One Stop.

    Not every business in Michigan requires a license.   If your business isn’t in the above list and you’d like to double check, Michigan offers an alphabetical list of required licenses by occupation.

    If you require assistance getting the most out of your business, contact us at TalanSBS.  We believe in the power of the entrepreneur.

    Occupational Licensing

    • Veterinarian Exams
    • Inspector – Information
    • Plumbing – Information
    • Plumbing – Forms
    • Architects – Information
    • Barbers – Information
    • Cosmetology – Information
    • Forester – Information
    • Hearing Aid Dealer – Information
    • Landscape Architect – Information
    • Morticians – Information
    • Nursing Home Administrators – Information
    • Ocularist – Information
    • Engineer, Professional – Information
    • Polygraph Examiner – Information
    • Police Officer Licensing – Information
    • Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
    • Commercial Driver Licenses
    • Notary Public – Information
    • Chauffeur License – Information
    • Commercial Services License Look-up

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