The Cleaning Ninja – HIRING

The Cleaning Ninja – HIRING


One of our clients at Talan is building her business and is excited to announce that she is hiring.  The business is professional residential home cleaning.  It is a great company and we are working to build it up therefore there will be future opportunities and the possibility of advancement.  Please contact Shannon if you are interested in an opportunity to join their team.

The skills necessary include:

  • Hard worker (cleaning is not a desk job)
  • Willing to get your hands dirty (and floors clean)
  • Basic cleaning skills
  • Consistent, Consistent, Consistent

Additional requirements include:

  • Transportation (you have to be able to get to multiple locations throughout the day)
  • Reliability (tardiness makes it impossible to deliver the high quality service we require and our customer desire)
  • Positive Personality (Positive people are happy and provide great service to customers)

If you have what it takes and would like to join the team give Shannon a call.

Shannon Hobson – 248.767.7551