Archives February 2010

Plan Beyond Today

“I think there is a world market for about five computers” Thomas J. Watson, Chairman IBM 1943.

As a small business leader it is essential to not limit your company because of where the organization may be today. Any company that has ever become great started as a vision in an entrepreneurs mind.  That leader knew if the company were to be successful and realize its full potential, they had to think strategically and long term. Successful leadership requires developing a strategic vision, creating a realistic plan for realizing that vision, exciting the team to implement the vision, and overseeing its proper execution. Having a long term vision is essential for small business growth and sustainability. Participating in regular strategic planning sessions with key leadership within your company is the critical path for getting everyone in the organization moving the same direction towards the goal. Planning beyond today allows you to think big and to think beyond where you are, allowing you to plan for what you have the potential to become.

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