Executive Team



Todd Luhtanen is the President of Talan SBS and founded it from a love for small business and the people that run them. Being a consummate entrepreneur, Todd has started many small businesses and has worked with others to start and grow many other businesses. Todd enjoys the music business and owns and operates a small recording studio as a hobby. His background in technology and financial services, along with co-founding a multi-million dollar software company has combined into over 28 years of diverse business practices and experiences. It is this diverse experience that has fueled his passion for small business. He brings a unique approach to business that is structured but not rigid, fun but not foolish, and valuable but not costly.


Todd Luhtanen, CMT co-founded Dynatek, Inc. in 1986 and was its President and Chief Technology Officer. Prior to forming Dynatek, Todd worked as a programmer/analyst for Professional Information Management, a mortgage software provider. Throughout his 22 year tenure at Dynatek, Todd was instrumental in its development and success. He was responsible for the creation of MORvision, one of the leading loan origination products available to the mortgage industry, as well as Dynatek’s award-winning Plug-In technology. Todd has served in the mortgage technology industry as an elected member of the MBA’s Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization Governance Board. Additionally, he earned his Certified Mortgage Technologist (CMT) designation from the MBA and authored a feature article on MISMO in Mortgage Banking Magazine.