Is Overfunding Holding You Back

The idea that you need to be well funded to succeed in business is a myth. In fact it can be what’s holding your company back. This is specifically true for small business and often is the cause of lethargic behavior on behalf of the leader and the staff. Have you ever seen a successful entrepreneur who has build up a successful company from nothing to a thriving business only to fail at doing to again? This happens more often that you think. It’s like the second album of many bands that flops. It’s based on the misconception that you can shortcut the hard work of building a business. A struggling band puts there heart and soul into compiling a set of songs that reflect their personal struggles and drive for meaning and success. This is intertwined with odd jobs to pay the rent, buy food and pay for studio time. Out of necessity they neglect sleep and stay up all night writing songs, practicing or playing gigs. The struggle enhances the process and the challenge reveals their character. Then when success is achieved they feel they can repeat that process in a few months in the studio without the late nights and odd jobs and other struggles.

In business it’s the same, the late nights and underfunded processes force you and your staff to dig deep and find a way to make it work. This process is the hard work that makes it worthwhile. It gives you that feeling of accomplishment that cant be explained but lifts you up and makes you feel like you can take on the world. This is your character being revealed .

So don’t envy those that are overfunded or don’t seem to work as hard. They are either working just as hard and you don’t see it or they are coasting their company into ruin. You may not be overfunded but the idea that you need more capital in order to succeed or grow can be what’s holding you and your company back from the very success and growth you are looking for.


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