BIZMix June 24th 12-2pm

BIZMix June 24th 12-2pm

June BIZMix
“Social Media”BIZMix: FREE Education and Networking Event

Talan SBS and our social media experts invite you to join us at our June BIZMix! In attendance will be 50+ business professionals, including business owners, leaders, and representatives. We will gather for networking and learn how to begin improving our social media plans today. Lunch will be included in this FREE event designed to help you keep your business in business through education and qualified connections!


Consider this…85% of consumers want to use social media to engage with companies. Will they be able to find YOUR company?

•You need to get engaged today before there’s no catching up.
•Companies who use social media effectively know how to improve their brand. •It’s an excellent tool for two-way communication with your customers.
If you’re reading this webpage thinking: “social media is just a temporary fad, it’s too difficult and confusing to navigate. I’m going to wait for it to pass, and then get involved in the next instrumental marketing tool.” You’re wrong and based on statistics you will not be in business 5 years from now. Don’t wait any longer or you’ll be doing a huge disservice to your business:

•Using social media in a strategic, effective way is the number one best opportunity
•It’s inexpensive AND reaches a large audience.
•It’s the only marketing tool out there that effectively serves both purposes of an advertisement.
•Social networks are where people ARE tuned in today.

Register today, to start or improve your social media plan!