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Why Google+ Isn’t Ready for Business

Have you you heard of Google+?  As in the new social network offering from Google?   So far it’s the best effort we’ve seen from Google in the social networking space.  They’ve already hit 10 million users in the first few weeks.  It took Facebook considerably longer to reach that milestone.

To be fair, things are much different now, social media is more mainstream than when Facebook first came on the scene.  By comparing the meteoric rise of Google+ to Facebook is an apples to oranges one.

But that’s not what this blog post is about.

The question is can I use Google+ for business?

The answer?  Not yet.

It’s amazing.  The number of business jumping in the fray, without a single thought to strategy.  It’s understandable.  They somehow feel as if they’ll miss the boat if they don’t jump on early.  The thinking however, is flawed.

Google+ is not ready for your business.  This comes directly from Google themselves.  The social network was designed to increase social interaction for individuals.  Not B2C or even B2B.    No doubt that Google+ for business, scheduled to launch later this year, will be a great product.   But beware, if they catch your business profile, it will be removed (see above link)

Early adopters don’t want to interact with your small or medium sized business on Google+.  They don’t want real estate agents 800 miles away or lawyers they’ll never speak with clogging up their shiny new network with profile pictures that are logos.

For example a real estate agent in South Dakota decides to set up a profile for his agency, adds hundreds of peoples to circles regardless of location (cause hey it’s marketing), then proceeds to push out posts about his business and latest blog posts.  He then wonders why there is no feedback.  The reasons for the failure:

  1. He’s pushing instead of interacting
  2. He’s going after the wrong market
  3. He hasn’t convinced anyone to be added to a circle
  4. He’s using a conversation tool for broadcasting (same as number 1)

You are not Ford, TechCrunch, or Forbes.  Take a step back.  Sign up as a human being.  Spend time using the tool as it was intended, as a social network.  Learn the lay of the land while developing a sound strategy for the launch of Google+ for business.

The number one reason Google+ isn’t ready for your business?  Circles.  They are a beautiful thing.  It allows you to dictate what you share with who.  It also allows you to filter out the noise that is common with Facebook and Twitter.  Which means it’s much easier to ignore your small/medium business.

What are your thoughts on Google+?  Don’t be shy we would love to hear from you.


January BIZMix: January 21, 2011

January BIZMix: January 21, 2011

Our January BIZMix was surely a success!  Linda Pelliccioni of Twenty 20 Coaching gave a presentation on “Setting Goals is Child’s Play” which truly brought listeners to their childhood through fun games like Pick-up Sticks and Tiddlywinks!  Her fun and realizing words were not only nostalgic, but made all in attendance think about if they’re planning properly today in order to meet their ultimate goals.  Sometimes immediate issues can get in the way of our ultimate goal.  It’s important to plan for these obstacles, and create a plan to get around them.  This was shown in the game Pick-up Sticks in which the goal is to get the red sticks.  However, there are black sticks in the way.  In order to fix this problem a proper strategy in order to get to your goals (the red sticks) needs to be planned and followed through.

Having detailed plans and steps to get there is also something that children do in games when playing Lego’s.  They have an instruction manual as to how to get to their end-result- such as a Lego town and they’ll follow those steps to get there.  They see a picture of their end result—which many people can picture in their mind.  When given an instruction manual they’re given the tools to get to that goal and get there by following it.   Adults can do this by creating a plan and sticking to it.

These excellent analogies given by Linda made the process of setting goals clear.  Setting goals is done throughout the day without us even knowing it.  Think of how much time we could save if we thought about our plan and how to get there in our daily lives.  Even when doing something such as running errands, planning what store to go to first, and when it would be the least busy is a stress and time saver.  The benefits of setting goals and how to reach them are endless.

Not only was Linda’s presentation at the event fantastic, but the attendance for networking was excellent.  Many business professionals were able to make qualified connections and engage in conversation.  Speaking to other professionals about business is a great way to feel connected to the community and receive first-hand advice.  Also, when discussing your goals and how you plan get there with another party, you’re able to evaluate obstacles and alternate ways to get there that you may not have realized.

Thank you to those who joined us.  We hope to see everyone at our next FREE February BIZMix which will be held on Thursday, February 24th at Metro Workspace in Livonia from 12:00-2:00pm.  Jim DiPaola will be speaking on the important topic of “Financial Responsibility and Planning”.  Attendants can expect to learn: retirement plan compliance and how it affects the business owner, fiduciary responsibilities and the business owner, and retirement plan cost controls.  As always, networking will be included in the event.  Registration is available here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e3an658m3e465311&llr=ofkb5udab

We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions about BIZMix on anything from location, to food, to guest speakers, to what you gained by attending!  We appreciate your feedback, e-mail us today! Stephanie.thom@talansbs.com